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The Skyline Plaza Hotel (Guangzhou Tianyi Jiudian) enjoys close proximity to the MTR Line 2 Shi'ergong Station. Those traveling by car can get to Liuhua Exhibition Hall in about 5 minutes and Pazhou Complex where Canton Fair is held in about 30 minutes.

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  • miniroom
    Great older hotel prices which expensive
  • e00170063
    Ahead of one week scheduled and requirements smoke-free room, to front desk automatically on to has smoking room, by asked, only said no has smoke-free room. I one week Qian on set has, and I is to sound specifically set senior is of your is of room! addition, room big (luxury business) but design not reasonable, bed of location is corner, away from window far, no row wind, away from air conditioning out outlet also far, died air corner. noise very poor. old, budget hotel of facilities.
  • beibi23
    Good good good good good good
  • Firestone
  • wuyanxia_w
    Nice hotel, to be near sites selected,
  • e02799475
    Poor front desk staff, very willing to work, also dumped the complexion
  • boo0dy
    Nice convenient to receive relatives and friends OK
  • aussie42
    Front desk service very poor
  • m00898823
    Poor image at the front desk, fruit slow productivity, higher occupancy of more than 20 minutes
  • adriandong
    Which is very nice
  • ccx35
    Because the train was late, temporary stay in Guangzhou for a night, as noticed before on the subway, this hotel on the edge of directly into the family; Is next to the Metro station, easy to catch the train early in the morning; Because it is a temporary, price a little expensive at night may be across the room for a few men drinking, noise, no one cares, I have been to 1:30, make a phone call to the front desk to complaints, only slightly better; 3:30, and suddenly the noise up and affect the rest. See floors there is the waiter came in sitting there, but do not know why has no control. in addition, other aspects are also good, end of November stay again this hotel.
  • The NO1
    Parking expensive
  • mysiyu
    Convenient, close to Metro station. clean and sanitary, and travel preferences.
  • jieer71
    Location is convenient in every way.
  • jstnv
    I is a special double room 308 environmental aspects very well, support is also good, there are things like the safe refrigerator ... eat quite a lot of things in the vicinity of the hotel, there is a sweet dessert with Guangzhou's characteristics, and the price is not expensive.
  • b148271009
    Good location also good ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ good ~ ~ ~ décor helps friend, optimization of business travel! recommended!
  • liucyer
    Close to the subway station, and convenient transportation.
  • lg53293256
    Close to the Subway Line 2, line b station, near the wedding street, 2/f, Chinese restaurant, opposite the m in mind that breakfast lunch the choice is yours, and convenient transportation, a good view.
  • mm5363602
    Convenient, close to subway, room nice, comfortable, help booking, guests feel satisfied after, so the next will continue to help guests book here.
  • ferster
    Helping friend, feel quite expensive
  • woody7118
    Pretty good
  • Andy_li_cn
    Hotel location, room is very convenient.
  • luyan17
    Is late of train only to Guangzhou, so selected has this away from Metro station several step of away, and and without turned Metro line to South Station of hotel. here of location is did not say. need spit slot of is he home of health situation and service. is can understand veteran hotel of equipment is will compared old, but health have well Ah, wash basin of side Shang are is black scale, burn kettle in, full is thick thick of scale. most let people upset of is they of service attitude. I a to front desk, front desk Miss like in sleepwalking,See with I 10 several seconds only with I greeted. staying of time is night almost 11 points, she a see we on is loud of asked next of people, now also can handle staying did. cannot handle staying, is Hotel please you big night to daze did! most let people no language of is, I with credit card pay deposit Shi, she on directly asked has a sentence 'this is you of card did?', reasons is she think I of signature with card Shang of not as, on so little difference just, and not copy of, certainlyNot exactly. angry not want me to sign, but her attitude ... just want to ask a question; your etiquette is a PE teacher to teach at the front desk, please?
  • byowen
    The bad attitude of the staff, general staff is good, bad is the view of the captain!
  • lj19841222
    Company downstairs,
  • lj_43157
    Rooms are large, Windows are large, you can see well at night
  • nanjing025
    General General General General General General General
  • xyc006
    All right.
  • xmyyff
    Good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good
  • italian
    Helping friend, satisfied
  • e00116727
    Price, big room.
  • acewjmj
    Transport, other
  • at51126
    Hotel is old has, room equipment are bad, live of is suite, two a air conditioning switch are is bad of, needed at on find Engineering Department maintenance. staying during between, noon has 25 degrees around, hotel said whole seat floor are not open air conditioning, called we open window, window are is various noisy sound, if by such of price, didn't necessary select here, I also not has next has!
  • fatwei
    Great location, super convenient for transportation, Metro Line 2 line, service very good. help a friend set, recommended!
  • rfidyesyes
    Good suite
  • bluewai
    Small room, old
  • windy61655368
    Nice, looks great in every way, wanted to stay the night, but with fair prices doubling up, had to change my itinerary
  • adam001
    Good facilities at the hotel, big rooms, facilities, decoration succinct, clean bedding, decorated and cozy, good management and service, recommended hotel!
  • lw7308
  • e04108763
    Nice, most notably good service attitude
  • coral1225
  • jia7vivian
    Hotel facilities, low efficiency, good location, easy to eat
    Hotel set by the company, or is satisfied, there is no water, you want to buy
  • cinym
    Very good, good service,
  • Dengbyrd
    Accessibility, in Line 2 subway exit, near a lot of Cantonese cuisine, porridge, noodle meals, everything in there, there are silver remember intestines.
  • JANE0007
    Stayed in a triple room, very nice and quiet, equipment and facilities were old, very convenient next to the Metro station is just around.
  • Jessica_mao
    Downstairs, Metro, convenient, nearby restaurants.
  • jasonli715
    Is a high quality hotel.
  • fenfei123
    Yes, convenient
  • xm945
    Good service, clean and sanitary location is good, the price is right.